A Little Bit About Me

Art has been my life-long obsession.

It is my passion is to tell a story through every piece of art I create, to evoke emotion, and ignite the imagination of the viewer. Every aspect of my painting is centered around this—story, light, shadow, color, subject, and composition—all designed to capture the viewer's heart and imagination.

I especially love an image with a story that alludes to a world beyond the picture frame and that speaks of deep truths. My quest is to capture beauty and the epic in every aspect of my work and to do so with excellence.

I have illustrated several independent children's books (though none have as yet been published), created storyboards for commercials, illustrated book and magazine covers, illustrated posters, illustrated artwork for French makeup cases, designed characters for several puppet shows, illustrated game cards, painted and illustrated three pages for a Make-a-Wish Foundation book, and worked on a variety of other artistic projects including a few animations.

Drawing has been a life-long obsession. I went to school for graphic design, but realized I disliked it and proceeded to take all the fine art courses available. So, while I can create logos, advertisements, brochures, and websites, I much prefer illustration and find illustration of children's books particularly delightful.

Resume 2016

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